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2017 Anza Career Day

Volunteer for Career Day 2018! 

June 4 is Career Day!

Anza's first annual event was a huge success, and this year we will be 

expanding to more classrooms, so we need more volunteers! 

All careers are welcome, from accountants to zoologists - the world of work is diverse, just like our students! 

If you like your career or job and you would recommend it, please join us! 

Volunteer Sign-Up 

June 6th, 2016 was Anza's career day! Mayor Pat Furey served as the local celebrity and shared both his law and government career to an audience of first through fifth graders at Flag Assembly. Alongside the mayor Anza was introduced to the world of communications by the Community Liaison from PBF Energy and to the world of Search & Rescue by a Lifeguard with the Los Angeles Fire Department. Fifteen additional volunteers shared their careers in the upper grade classrooms, ranging from careers in health, law, banking, engineering, animation, research, cosmetology, higher education, and the trades. Special thanks to the TEF Foundation and Susan Swinborne for the behind-the-scenes support and California Casualty, Inc. and Laura Churchill for providing support for the volunteers.