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School Site Council

Each school involved in the School Based Consolidated Program/School Improvement Program has a School Site Council (S.S.C.). This council is the centerpiece of site based decision-making. Council members work together to develop, implement and evaluate school policies, programs, procedures and budgets. This group is crucial in the ongoing imporovement of Anza's program. The Anza S.S.C. is comprised of four teachers, the principal, a classified employee and six parent members Committee, Special Education, GATE and two parents at large. We encourage you to take an active role in this process. Elections for S.S. C positions are held annually. Each member holds office for a two year term. The meetings are open to interested community members.

Please contact the principal or any S.S.C. member if you have questions and/or concerns about school programs/policies or would like to suggest a program/policy for considerations.

Please contact Katie Marjala or Mrs. Marks if you have questions and/or concerns about school programs or policies or would like to suggest a program or policy.

      2015-2016 Council

  • Stacy Martinez - SCC President - mstacy483@aol.com
  • Parent Members
    • Katie Marjala
    • Cheryl Hasemayer
    • Keith Herber
    • Traci Iwanaka
    • Kai Li Shao